Bloedel is a one-of-a-kind place with gorgeous grounds and breathtaking views, and we know our guests want to remember their visit with photos and video.

While our scenery is picture perfect, we want to ensure every guest has an opportunity to have a spacious, serene, and surprising experience at Bloedel Reserve. We ask all visitors help maintain the integrity of the experience and honor the following policies:

We welcome amateur photographers:

  • Guests are permitted to use folding tripod stands or monopod stands that can fit inside a standard backpack. Please do not block trails or damage plants or landscaping.
  • Photographers must not interfere with the visiting experience of other guests at Bloedel Reserve.

Prohibited activities:

  • Portrait or commercial still or video photography is not allowed.
    • Commercial photography is any photograph or video intended to be sold as stock or used in advertising, films, or promotion.
    • Portrait photography includes wedding, engagement, quinceañera, family, maternity, portfolio, prom, graduation, and any other posed portraiture.
  • No props, costumes, or wedding attire are allowed in the gardens.
  • Moving or removing plants or structures—such as benches, containers, fences, etc.—is strictly prohibited.
  • Drones are not allowed on the property.
  • No guest may step in flower beds, water features, or places other than on designated paths and open grassy areas.
  • Climbing or mounting equipment in trees or on buildings is not permitted.
  • No cords or wires are allowed.

Bloedel reserves the right to further define commercial or portrait videography and photography on a case-by-case basis.

The image, logo, and name of Bloedel Reserve are trademarks and may not be used by outside parties without permission.


We understand many guests visit Bloedel for its tranquility and solitude.

On occasion, professional photographers may be on property at the request of Bloedel Reserve.  Visitors may be photographed or filmed by employees or contract photographers for use in marketing materials. Admission serves as permission for the use of images of visitors by the Bloedel Reserve.

Please let any staff member know if you do not wish to be photographed. Please contact us if you would like your picture removed from our online platforms.