A Time and Place for Inspiration

The mission of the Creative Residency program at Bloedel Reserve is to foster creative thinking that is inspired by nature and that explores the connection between humans and the environment. The Creative Residency program provides artists and innovative thinkers with a three-week stay in a well-appointed home on the Bloedel grounds, with unlimited access to the Reserve’s 150 acres of sculpted gardens, forests, and wildlife habitats. Established in 2015, the program has welcomed 32 Creative Residents from a wide variety of disciplines, giving them the time to nurture their passions and deepen the connection between creativity, nature, and humanity.

“The space and quiet allowed me to sink into my novel with prolonged, uninterrupted concentration. I woke up with my story, lived and walked with my story, and like any relationship, our intimacy increased.”

– Karen Finneyrock, 2016 Resident

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painting in natureThe Opportunity

Imagine having the chance to delve into your creative work in a breathtaking and tranquil environment with time to rest, think, breathe, and dream. If your artwork, research or area of study explores themes of nature and the human connection, you are invited to apply to a multi-week Creative Residency at Bloedel Reserve.

Residency Requirements

  • Your project, artwork, or research must relate to nature in some specific way.
  • Special consideration will be given to projects that investigate the relationship between people and natural world.
  • Once selected, each Creative Resident must offer a public presentation, workshop, lecture, demonstration, viewing, or concert as part of their Residency.


  • Applications for 2020 are closed and all applicants have received a decision.
  • Applications for 2021 will open in the Fall of 2020. Check back for more information.

interior of creative residency at bloedel reserveResidency Amenities

As a Creative Resident, you will stay in a two-bedroom, two-bath home designed by noted Northwest architect Jim Cutler, tucked into the woods, off the trail from regular Bloedel visitors. Known as the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Education Center, the home is built over a stream and features beautiful finishes and furnishings. Residents have 24-7 access to the Bloedel grounds during their stay and the use of a Smart Car. (Proof of valid driver’s license required.) At this time, Bloedel Reserve is not able to offer a stipend or cover transportation expenses.

For more information, please contact Andre ten Dam [email protected].


creative residency at bloedel reserveThe Creative Residency program is one of the cornerstones of our mission. We recognize that artists and innovative thinkers are vital contributors to our collective well-being. They delight, inspire, challenge, and enrich our lives. Past Creative Residents have included botanists, visual artists, writers, composers, environmental researchers and landscape designers, to name just a few.

Thanks to a dollar-for-dollar challenge grant of $750,000 from the Fletcher Bay Foundation, we are in the process of establishing an endowment that will secure the Creative Residency program for generations to come. Your gift of any amount will help us meet this challenge and will ensure that creativity in all its forms thrives at the Reserve.



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