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SPEAKER: William Bryant Logan
WHEN: Friday, September 27, 2019, 1 PM
WHERE: The Residence at Bloedel Reserve
TICKETS: Bloedel Reserve Members $15; Non-members $32

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Award-winning author and arborist William Bryant Logan’s latest work Sprout Lands explores the ancient relationship between humans and trees and its implications for our future. Once, people around the globe did not simply live beside or under trees. We lived with them, taking from them and giving to them. Surprisingly, perhaps, this was not an exploitative but a cooperative relationship. Proper human care for the woodlands increased their diversity and promoted the numbers and kinds of insects, birds and other creatures who lived among the trees and the open understory vegetation. Whole cultures were built around such woods. Logan explains that the ancient world is not just an idyl of the past, but also a model for a future, active relationship to our trees. He suggests a few ways in which we can start this living relationship anew.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: William Bryant Logan is a certified arborist, the founder, and president of Urban Arborists, Inc., and a faculty member at the New York Botanical Garden. Read his July 20th New York Times article “The Lessons of a Hideous Forest.” The author of four books and an award-winning garden writer, he has written for House Beautiful, House and Garden, and Garden Design magazines, in addition to his frequent contributions to the New York Times.