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Lecture Series at Bloedel Reserve

In 2017, Bloedel Reserve launches its Lecture Series, aimed at bringing great minds and ideas to Bloedel to inspire conversation with our members, guests, and donors. Topics for lectures range from horticulture & gardening; to climate change and preservation; to how we can better interact with the natural world.


Richie Steffen
Curator of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden
Saturday, October 14th
2pm at the Residence

“Legacy of a Friendship: The Building of Two Gardens”

The Bloedel Reserve and the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden are two of the most iconic gardens in the Northwest. The friendship between the two families fueled a passion for plants and an appreciation of design that shapes the way we view gardens today. Join Richie Steffen, director of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, as he shares stories of how plants and people make the Northwest a gardener’s destination.

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