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Lecture Series at Bloedel Reserve

In 2018, Bloedel Reserve continues its Lecture Series, launched in 2017, aimed at bringing great minds and ideas to Bloedel to inspire conversation with our members, guests, and donors. Topics for lectures range from horticulture & gardening to climate change and preservation, with the goal of inspiring us think about how we can better interact with the natural world.

Note: An email is sent to each registrant in place of a paper ticket. If you have received this email then your name has been added to our guest-list.


Kathleen Alcalá
Saturday, June 9th
3pm at the Bloedel Residence

Ms. Alcalá will discuss the ideals the Bloedel’s brought to the creation of the Bloedel Reserve, along with those of several architects, and the philosophical approaches influential at the time. How do these ideas manifest themselves on Bainbridge Island today? Given our growing population, is it possible for us to live in balance with nature?

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Victoria Scarlett
Director, Center for Sacred Art, Seattle
Saturday, October 6th
1pm to 4pm at the Bloedel Residence

Japanese Aesthetics: Contemplation by Design gives you the opportunity to pause, enjoy beauty, learn, experience nature, and reflect using the lens of Japanese aesthetics.

The program includes both information and experiential exploration, in keeping with the Japanese idea that aesthetics are not limited to the fine arts and design (as is the case in the West).  Rather, they are integrated with all realms of experience–thereby opening the possibility for a richer, more thoughtful life.

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