Upcoming Event

Art in the Dining Room Featuring Fatima Young

Bloedel’s “Art in the Dining Room” Series presents: Finding Harmony: A Series in Resolution

Join us this Fall as Bloedel’s dining room is beautifully transformed by Fatima Young, a Bloedel volunteer and favorite artist. Bloedel Reserve is the inspiration for her current series of works Finding Harmony: A Series in Resolution, where Fatima connects viewers to her process of simplifying nature’s complexity. 

WHEN: September 5th though November 4th
WHERE: Bloedel Reserve dining room
COST: Included with admission

Artists’ Statement

“In the midst of upheaval all around us, I find peace in this majestic place, The Bloedel Reserve. It has become a refuge for me. I know strolling through the special landscape here centers me.”

Finding harmony at the Bloedel has inspired Fatima Young to paint this current series of works she calls “FINDING HARMONY: A Series in Resolution”. She hopes to connect viewers through her process…in finding simplicity within complexity.

She started most of these paintings here on site studying nature at its purest. Her goal was to reduce the complex forms of nature into simple shapes and strokes, letting the viewer imagine the softness of moss or visualize the stillness of calm water on the pond. Fatima’s mission was to understand how to reduce the clutter and bring balance and unity onto the canvas.

Fatima invites the viewer to experience tranquility and harmony through these serene landscapes.

Fatima Young was born of Russian heritage in Europe. She received degrees from F.I.T. and C.W. Post University in New York. She calls Bainbridge Island home. In the tradition of certain Impressionists, Fatima uses the palette knife to capture the earth’s rich moods and adds bold color to bring out light and dark contrast. Her works are distinctively Russian impressionism with a twist of the sublime.